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Book: Refugee Protection and Solidarity: The Responsibilities of EU Member States (under contract with Oxford University Press)

Asymmetric solidarity and return sponsorship (submitted)

The ethics of assisted voluntary returns (in progress)



Return sponsorship in the EU asylum system: a normative assessment
Working Paper 2021/92, Migration Policy Centre (MPC)

This paper provides normative arguments for why the return sponsorship model is unjust and should be rejected.

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Challenges and priorities of the EU’s response to the situation in Afghanistan
Egmont Institute

A policy brief co-authored with Jean-Louis De Brouwer.

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Briefing on housing inclusion

Briefing published in the framework of Includ-EU, a project funded by the EU Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (DG HOME).

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Inclusive housing: guidelines for municipalities

For the British Embassy in Italy, I developed technical guidelines on how to promote housing inclusion at the municipal level.

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Failing Solidarity: Justified or Excused?
Global Justice: Theory Practice Rhetoric vol. 12 no. 2 (2020), 189-218.

This paper assesses EU member states’ arguments in defence of their failure to share responsibility for refugee protection.

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